Swim Works Rugby

Welcome to our venue in Rugby.

Opening Hours:

Mon: 9.30am-7pm
Tues: 9.30am-6.30pm
Wed: 10am-8.30pm
Thur: 9.30am-7.30pm
Fri: 9.30am-7pm
Sat: 9am-4.30pm
Sun: 9am-1pm

Contact Details

tel: 01788 568503

email: info@swimworks.co.uk

Address: High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV21 4EE

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9.00Little Splasher
9.30Baby Splasher Beginner9.45
Aqua Fit
Baby Splasher AdvanceBaby Splasher BeginnerLittle Swimmer- AdvanceLittle Splasher
10.00Baby Splasher AdvanceAqua Fit
10.15 Aqua Fit – LowLittle SplasherLittle Swimmer
Little SwimmerLittle Swimmer
10.30Little SwimmerLittle Swimmer-AdvanceAqua Fit –
Little SplasherLittle Splasher (TT)Little Swimmer- AdvanceLittle Splasher
11.00Little SplasherLittle SwimmerLittle SplasherLittle Swimmer1-2-1Little SplasherLittle Splasher
11.30Baby Splasher AdvanceLittle SplasherBaby Splasher BeginnerNewborn Splasher1-2-1Little SwimmerBaby Splasher Advance
12.00Little Swimmer- AdvanceLittle Swimmer-AdvanceBaby Splasher AdvanceBaby Splasher AdvanceLevel 3Baby Splasher Beginner
12.30Newborn SplasherBaby Splasher AdvanceLevel 1Little Swimmer
1.001-2-1Little Swimmer- AdvanceLevel 3
1.30Little SwimmerLittle SwimmerLevel 4
2.00Baby Splasher BeginnerLittle Swimmer-AdvanceLittle Swimmer-AdvanceLevel 2
2.30Baby Splasher BeginnerLittle SwimmerLittle SplasherLittle Swimmer-Advance
3.001-2-1Catch up 1-2-11-2-1 Level 1
3.30Level 11-2-1Level 1
4.00Level 1Level 3Level 1Level 1Level 1Level 2
4.30Level 3Level 1Level 1Level 2Level 4
5.00Level 1Level 4Level 1Level 3Level 1
5.30Level 4Level 3Level 3Level 4Level 3
6.00Level 2Level 2Level 2Level 3Level 1
6.30Little Splasher6.45 Aqua Fit – High6.45 Aqua Fit – High
7:30 Aqua Tums

Current Term Dates: 16/12, 6/01, 13/01, 20/01, 27/01, 3/02, 10/02, 17/02, 24/02, 2/03.



Pre-school, weekdays = £135 for the 10 week course

Pre-school, weekends = £150 for the 10 week course

Swim Academy,  weekdays = £110 for the 10 week course

Swim Academy,  weekends = £120 for the 10 week course

For us to be able to assess and group your child for our Swim Academy (LSA Levels 1-4) please call before booking. 

Adults / Aqua Tums = £55 for the 5 week course

Adults/ Aqua Fitness = £90 for the 10 week course 

Adult 1-2-1’s  = £25 a 30 min lesson. £125 for a 5 session block of our learn to swim and improver courses. 

Classes showing (TT) indicate Term Time only courses. 

Dependent on demand and subject to change. More classes added soon please do get in touch if your preferred day/time is not available.