Looking at swimming at Swim Works, but have a question? Feel free to ask us, we are only more than happy to help. Here are a few of the most popular questions are new swimmers asked us.

We are with you every splash of the way!

Can I join Swim Works classes at any time?

Booking is easy, do call us or you can book direct; via our website. We run in 10 week courses and are open 50 weeks of the year (we close 2 weeks at Christmas). You are welcome to join us at any time, our progressive programme rolls on and run throughout the year. Once your block is over, you are invited to re-enrol. We are passionate about seeing our swimmers grow in confidence and skills. Regular assessments are made to make sure everyone is in the correct swim group/level.

When can I start baby swimming?

You can start at any age, the NHS website details you do not have to wait for baby’s immunisations. Here at Swim Works our Newborn Splashers programme starts at 6 weeks. Before this, we are happy to send you our baby at home bath swim guide. Our pool is warm and clean. We have a special UV water sanitizer system, so safe and perfect for sensitive skins. We love celebrating early swimming!

I can’t swim, can I still come to baby and preschool classes?

We welcome non-swimmers, and in fact, as the weeks pass you will find your swim confidence grows. Rest assured you can always stand up in our pool, you will never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with.

What do I need to bring swimming with me?

Download our handy check lists.
Our strict happy nappy swimwear policy for all children under 4 means our pool is kept super clean.
Baby, toddler, preschool: swim check list
Swim academy: swim check list

Are there areas to watch the lessons?

At the moment in line with Government Guidelines we advise just one parent/carer attend the swimming lesson per child. As soon as the guidance changes we will let you know, however should you need to bring an extra sibling or helper with you for what ever reason, please do let us know prior to attending and we can arrange this for you. Your safety as well as your swimming requirements will always be carefully considered.

My child has eczema can I still join?

We welcome you to try a class, our swimmers find our special pool water not harsh on their skin. As our pool uses only a small amount of chemicals, super state of the art UV cleaning system and has a fast flow water rate to keep it super clean, filtrated, which doesn’t leave you smelling of chlorine.

Can I come for a taster class?

We welcome you to try a class, our swimmers enjoy viewing the facilities and seeing all the swim smiles. Our taster sessions are just £5. Although for babies or nervous children we do recommend you come to more than one class, as babies do need to build their awareness when their environments are new. Read our handy blog about taster sessions.
And don’t forget, each term we welcome you to our parent partnership, where you can tour Swim Works, view our facilities and answer any questions. If you or your child would like to meet or talk to your teacher before starting with us too, just let us know. We understand it the often the blend of feeling safe and familiar that makes for a great start to anything new.

What do Our parents say about Swim Works?

Part of our partnership approach and promise to you is listening to our swimmers, innovating and striving for excellence in everything we do. We love reading our parents comments and taking feedback on board. Our Facebook pages reflect our swimmer’s swim journey and our fantastic reviews are all credit to our awesome teaching team.

What Covid-19 measures do you have in place?

There is a strict process that needs to be followed when attending swimworks, this has all been laid out clearly on our dedicated Covid-19 Policy page.

You may find more answers to your questions in our Terms and Conditions or on our blog page, if we can help, just let us know.