Dry Side

Our dry side activities complement our swim programme perfectly, as both focus on the development of the child, in a supportive non-judgmental environment.

We have a range of dry side activities designed to nurture relationships, bond, make friends and have fun.

Our professional friendly team will guide you in all things baby and child development.

Sensory Stars

Sensory Stars

Sensory Stars is a programme designed to support your baby’s holistic development. It will introduce you and your little one to a world of sensory delights where you can relax, spend quality time together and enjoy meeting other new parents.

Sensory Stars has been designed and developed by a Qualified Occupational Therapist, who has a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience of working with children, including those with additional physical and learning needs. Which means that Sensory Stars is focused around supporting both development and sensory integration. 

Within the classes, activities have been designed to stimulate the senses and help your baby develop. We are confident that these parent and baby activities will delight and surprise you both! 

Sensory Star classes aim to build up a wealth of sensory experiences including visual, auditory and tactile as well as enhancing the physical contact between you and your baby through touch, movement, massage and reflexology. We also use signing, singing and music to promote the development of language and communication skills. Research illustrates that the first year of a baby’s life is the most crucial for their development and Sensory Stars wants to support you and your little one to make the most of this precious time! 

Sensory Star classes use a different theme every week to provide your little one with a range of developmental opportunities: 

  • Physical skills – using massage to stimulate and strengthen the bond between you and your baby. As well as lots of activities to stimulate the neurological pathways throughout your baby’s brain to support their development.
  • Social skills – interacting with other babies to establish the foundations for future skills including: turn taking, sharing, concentration and friendships.
  • Emotional skills – activities and time for you to share wonderful sensory experiences together, supporting your baby’s emotional development and wellbeing.
  • Coordination – Using musical instruments, balls, bubbles, scarves and lots lots more……we will be developing your baby’s hand eye coordination, crossing the midline and increasing body awareness.
  • Communication – Using a combination of signing and singing, which research has shown us has a huge role to play in language development. 

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Our baby massage and yoga course is something very special, changing and responding as your little one grows and develops. Designed and developed by our amazing team, who are highly qualified and experts in all things baby development.

The unique 10-week course is suitable for babies from birth to crawling, and includes:

  • 5 weeks of baby massage, where you learn how to use nurturing touch and massage strokes to bond, relax and communicate with your baby. You will learn full body strokes to help relieve common conditions for babies such as wind, colic, constipation and teething pain.
  • 1 week of nurturing touch in the pool where you learn how to hold your baby, how to use massage strokes and touch, and about gentle movement and bonding in the water.
  • 4 weeks of baby yoga where you learn gentle movements, poses and exercises to strengthen and tone your and your baby’s muscles and core – the perfect postnatal workout!

Throughout the 10 weeks, you are given handouts to take home, a bottle of oil and continued support between classes. 

The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga 

The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga

The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga are endless, and we explore these in more depth throughout the course. They include:

  • Strengthening your bond and relaxation with your baby
  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething pain
  • Promoting longer, more restful sleep and a calmer mind
  • Increasing body awareness and understanding of babies’ development
  • Increased communication between baby and parent/carer
  • Increased muscle tone for baby and parent/carer
  • Postnatal support and new friendships

Make new friends

Make new friends

Our baby massage and yoga classes aren’t just a wonderful bonding experience for you and your little one – they’re a fantastic way to meet and make friends with other new parents too.

They’re such lovely relaxed classes that we find our groups remain friends long after the course has ended.

Over the 10 weeks, we cover lots that’s all part of having a new baby! As well as sleeping, feeding and crying, we’ve touched on topics including colic/wind, teething, illness and eczema. And there’s always time for you to chat after each class over coffee and cake too. It’s so supportive, we’ve even had parents experiencing postnatal depression who’ve told us it’s been a real turning point.

The class environment is completely confidential so it’s a safe place to be honest and ask for support. It’s reassuring to hear that other parents feel the same as you, even if it’s their second or third child! The bonding we see in these classes is something really special – the start of new and lasting friendships as you all settle into parenthood together.

Mummy & Me

Mummy & Me

A brand new dry side, gentle exercise programme to help new mums to get motivated and to start simple, gentle exercises to tone and shape, meet other new mums whilst still spending time with your new special baby.

Our gentle exercise sessions are carefully planned to gives you a low impact workout to tone and shape all the areas that seem to take their toll after having a baby. Your stomach and womb has done a lot of work over the past nine months, and often your body is unable to be quite as active so losing a bit of body fat after pregnancy is also top on most mummies list.

We will spend time talking and settling in each week, and then will work out with babies being entertained or involved in the exercise. The workouts have been carefully planned by a qualified instructor to give you the best work out and support. There will even be simple exercises and nutritional advice to take home and put into practice.

The programme is set over ten weeks to really get you going on your exercise and healthy journey.

Swim Works is so much more than a pool to learn to swim!

Building strong relationships is at our heart of everything we do.