Baby & Toddler Swimming

6 weeks to 4 years

Baby, Toddler & Preschool Swimming

We want to take you on a magical journey, learning many early developmental skills and water confidence, to give your little one a head-start in life. 

You can join us at any time during the term, because we tailor our classes to suit the individual child.

We make our classes relaxed and fun, so that swim independence follows, naturally. During our courses, time is spent guiding our parents, so they feel comfortable and confident in all our swim holds and moves. We wait, we watch, we wonder, we listen and learn together to read your child’s signals and aquatic readiness cues.

You’ll find our baby swim classes tick every box

You’ll find our baby swim classes tick every box….

  • The perfect sensory environment for baby swimming
  • Covid safe swim practices
  • Cosy classes, where you can have fun and make friends 
  • Teachers who are passionate about getting to know you and your child
  • Free milestone cards, stickers, awards to make your swim journey special

Age is just a guide we meet your child where they are at. You’ll find that we teach to each child’s unique experience and ability.

We offer taster sessions and catch up swims for our parent in the water stages.

Newborn Splashers: 6 weeks to 4 months

Newborn Splashers:
6 weeks to 4 months

Perfect for young babies looking for a gentle and slow start to baby swimming. We guide parents to move and flow in time with their baby in the warm water. We allow the magic of the water to unfold movements, create bonds and make magical memories to last forever.

Let’s celebrate early swimming together……. our Newborn Splashers is the perfect start.

Baby Splashers Beginners: 4 months to 8 months

Baby Splashers Beginners:
4 months to 8 months

You will love our gentle approach, the closeness of our holds and moves and relaxed swims. From a young age, our babies learn vital water confidence and safety skills like; holding on, safety turns and gentle dips and dives when they are ready. Our Aqua Sensory® discovery play touches the deeper sensory channels, which in today’s busy world, is the perfect recipe for the developing child.

Baby Splashers Advanced:
8 months to 16 months

Babies are now ready for more dynamic holds and moves like; figure of eights, back rides and horsey noodle rides. We encourage safety and water confidence from a young age with our dips and dives.

Little Splashers: 18 months to 2.5 years

Little Splashers:
18 months to 2.5 years

Our toddler stage is such great fun. We combine your toddler’s increasing confidence and curiosity with interactive games like noodle trains, pirate games, submarine swims and bumper cars. Songs and repeated actions are used to instil good swim practices like; streamlining, floating, breathing, kicks and pulls.

Your toddler is now stronger on their front and back and will start to become more independent. You’ll be amazed at how they master the underwater world in this next stage of their swimming adventures. 

Little Swimmers: 2.5 years to 4 years

Little Swimmers:
2.5 years to 4 years

Short swims with or without noodles, means they’re now ready to enjoy more progressive skills like star floats, rocket glides, treading water and treasure diving. Stroke development and correct breathing practice are introduced in fun ways like bubble, bubble, bob for progression to front paddle.

Little Swimmers Advanced: 3 years – school

Little Swimmers Advanced:
3 years – school

The transition to independence is a safe and happy swimming journey, built on trust, fun and praise. This stage is for our confident 3 to 4 year olds where they swim solo with no parent in the water, it is the perfect way to transition to our Swim Academy. 

You and your child will find our baby, toddler and preschool swimming programme child-led and full of sensory discovery. 

We are proud to be members of the Swimming Teachers Association (STA). We have carefully crafted our swim programme to blend water safety, confidence and fun, with skills for life!

Swim Works is such a lovely place. The teachers are fantastic, we have been so impressed. The classes are very personal and the pool is so lovely and warm. Really glad we chose Swim Works. 

Debbie Gedrim