We offer a comprehensive learn-to-swim programme to help adults overcome any water confidence issues, teaching the huge benefits that swimming can bring. 

If you can swim and you’re looking at improving your strokes or striving for perfection from our advanced programme…. you’ll find we are able to offer a lesson to suit you. 

We offer adult 1-2-1s and small group classes.

It’s never too late to learn to swim and unlike many forms of sport and exercise, swimming can be enjoyed at any age.

At Swim Works we focus on feeling good in water before learning to swim. Our unique approach to adult swimming has a high success rate which we measure in how good you feel.

Overcoming our fears as adults can have a huge impact on our rising confidence levels in all areas of our lives.

At Swim Works we learn to swim at our own rhythm and pace following your own unique way of learning. We’re here to support you every splash of the way!

At 33, I finally had the courage to learn to swim. My amazing teacher gave me the all the confidence I needed.

Erika Brady