Celebrating Father’s Day

This month in our Love Creates Love group we are celebrating Father’s Day, would you like to join us?

Our first Love Group will take place at Leamington Swim Works on Sunday 4th July: 3-4.30pm

This special group celebrates new Father’s with 6 weeks to 6 month old babies.

We start upstairs at 3pm for a welcome ceremony for a chance to meet our babies and other Dads.

We will then slowly go to the changing rooms and be the pool for 3.30pm.

Swim time will be full of:

💦 Holds and moves will feel comforting and slow
💦 Simple sprinkles, songs, splashes and time for silent water walks.
💦 We finish back upstairs for our chill out time and cake to take away.

The idea behind Love creates Love is simple.

“Every child who receives love has the capacity to go on and give love, and so it continues to make the world a more compassionate and peaceful place.” Gayle Berry.

In our special Father’s Day Love Creates Love group, give yourself some well-deserved TLC and connect with other parents and babies. Come and relax after the class and meet new Dads, share experiences.

It all starts with love and connection.

Our groups create a reciprocal loving and secure relationship between parents and babies, which is mutually beneficial and long lasting.

In the pool, it is easy to communicate to your baby they are loved, through your eye contact, gentle songs, loving holds and responding to their needs. The water is facilitating strong bonds and attachments, which studies have shown is vital for healthy brain development.

One of the many benefits of the water, is that it is a multi-sensory experience naturally, and one that stimulates all the senses. For babies this is an incredible and immersive experience. Which is why we take our sessions nice and slow, there are so many sights to soak in, noises to hear, new smells, sprinkles, and splashes to feel. When we slow down and connect to our senses, we not only deepen our connection to our babies or the water. We also deepen the connection to ourselves.

When we teach children love and show them our deep love, we are creating a strong blue print that they will carry forward for the rest of their lives.

How to register your interest and WIN a free place

Spaces are limited to nine Dads, to register your interest please email info@swimworks.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you. As part of this group, we are giving one space away free – when you email in, do let us know why you think you/ or if emailing on behalf of your baby’s Dad, why you feel our Love Create Loves group will be of benefit.

We will be reading every email, allocating spaces and selecting a winner of this prize by Sunday 27th June.

Love starts with everyone, and our swim families are always in our thoughts.. We look forward to connecting with you and expressing lots of splashy swim love.

Lots of splashy love, Jo x

Founder of Swim Works

For more information: https://www.blossomandberry.com/benefits-of-baby-massage/love-creates-love-campaign/

Let’s Splash into Spring

Spring is such a fantastic time of year to learn new skills, the nights are getting lighter, the days are a little warmer. It isn’t just the birds in the trees and the sheep in the fields that are feeling fresh and springy, here at Swim Works we feel it around our centers too.

We are now out of lockdown…. a big YAY! What a year it has been for all of us! We have would like to say THANK YOU to all our swim families, we know lockdown has been difficult for many of us, for lots of different reasons. It can feel stressful when things constantly change.

Here at Swim Works for our first few weeks back, we are easing back slowly, taking a mindful approach to our classes and everything we do. We are here to support all our swim families and we love taking an individual approach to swimming. So, if you are feeling a little nervous or shy, do let us know – it is ok, we will understand.

For our children we have social stories to support and fun “Let’s Get to Know You,” downloads, which your teacher will love reading and help your child with their swim transitions, for this ‘come back term.’

Get in touch if you need any extra support, because we are with you – every splash of the way!

Oooh we have lots planned for our ‘come back Spring term, here are a few diary dates for you…. ‘

Week Commencing 
12/4Our first week back will be egg-xtra special with a fun packed lesson, as we swim & chase our eggs and practice our bunny jumps.
19/4Spring is here, it’s time to build our swim confidence and time to grow!
26/43,2,1 POW! Superheroes are go go go! Time to show off our super swim skills, it’s going to be fun for everyone, because our swim families are superheroes too!
3/5Let’s move and groove like animals, it is great fun and for the brain and the body to move in lots of dynamic ways.

And Monday 3rd May is also time to re-enrol for next term too! Don’t delay book today (you have 7 days to rebook, the same class at the same time).
10/5Time for to dip and dive as we explore the underwater world.

Monday 10th before noon is when our priority deadline ends if you would like to stay in the same class and Wednesday 12th May at noon – all our new swimmers can join us as we open up our booking system.
17/5Let’s have lots of swim fun, this week’s theme is: Brilliant Balls.
24/5Music brings us together as we explore rhythm in the pool.
31/5We are bringing on the summer holiday feeling as we go all tropical.

Superheroes are go go go!

We can’t wait to bring out the superpowers of every child….

Enjoy having fantastic colouring fun, download our fun colouring sheet here or pick up a sheet from our centres.

At Swim Works we are building strong swimmers who can be independent and confident. We will guide our children to believe in themselves, to bring out their superpowers. Through our swim activities we will enhance their self-expression, to fly in the pool by taking a few risks. 

We can’t wait to empower your child….. so they can reach their full potential. 

See you in the Pool!

The Swim Works Team

Lockdown No. 3

In light of the recent announcement on Monday 4th January, like so many aspects of our lives at the moment, all of our lessons at Swim Works are now on HOLD until we can resume and be together again.

What is not on hold though is our DESIRE and PASSION to keep Swim Works afloat, to open our pools again soon.

What does this mean for our swim families right now?

Well, it means that our term is paused – we will re-start our lessons as soon as we can and when we have the green light from the Government.

So if you are a current swimmer, do HOLD TIGHT, we will be back in touch again soon when we can resume our lessons. There will be 8 weeks left of the current swim term – make a note of the day of the week and time that you currently swim with us as this is when you will slot back in.

Rest assured that we haven’t forgotten you and we WILL be together again soon!

During this little pause…..


This has been such a challenging year for small businesses.

We want to get back swimming, delivering our lessons, delivering your term, in order to secure a future for us at all. 

Lockdown has been difficult for a lot of businesses but for pools, we still have many of the same running and maintenance costs. As a small family-run business that has always put every penny back into improving what we do is super tough. But we are determined to get through this last lockdown, opening our doors is paramount to all of us. 

We know it’s a hard time for you too (financially, mentally, emotionally) … it’s not just us, so we really appreciate your ongoing support, for always being with us every splash of the way.    

Though this is a hard time emotionally for us all, including our teachers, we don’t take this down-time for granted either, and we’re constantly thinking about and counting down to swimming with you again. Over the coming weeks, we will be working behind the scenes to carry-out essential pool maintenance and improvements, generate new lesson ideas for the future, take part in creative teacher brainstorming sessions together on Zoom, attend online courses, read swimming books and genuinely do everything we can so that when you return, we are better than ever for you! 

Also in our swim Family Facebook group Swim & Share we will be keeping in touch with our swim families, where we plan lots of top tips to keep up our water confidence at home, fun challenges and little check-ins.

We will be together again soon and together we will be stronger.

Stay safe everyone.

The Swim Works Team 

Lockdown 2.0

Let’s Rock Lockdown … together.

Following the announcements in Parliament on Wednesday 4th November, Swim Works will sadly close our doors for a little pause and re-open when we have the Government go ahead. We plan to re-open on Thursday 3nd December.

It goes without saying, no one wanted this…. at the present time we feel flat, frustrated and financially challenged. We believe, swimming pools provide such a healthy and safe environment and are essential for future generation’s life skills. We had so much positive feedback from our swim families on all the adaptations we made, to keep everyone swimming safely.  

At Swim Works we will always do our very best.

We are rolling on our swim term and look forward to more splashing fun in December.

Dates can be found on our website timetable link and in our recent emails.

We are determined to ‘Rock Lockdown” during these challenging times.

We invite all our swim families to join us in our active community group: Swim & Share.

We are keeping in touch with our Swim Academy LIVES with Hayley and Monday Moments with Jo, to provide weekly at home lesson plans. In fact, we have something planned for every day of the week and a fun prize draw to win £100 worth of swim vouchers too.

DOWNLOAD our “Let’s Rock Lockdown” weekly schedule.

If you are not on Facebook, but need a check in for anything, do let us know.

We look forward to connecting and keeping in touch.

Splashy regards,

Christian and Jo

Let’s Connect.

Give us a thumbs up a comment or a like.

Keep an eye on any updates and announcements too via our social media channels.

Facebook – Rugby

Facebook – Leamington

Thank you

Dear Parents … We want to say a B-I-G …..

Thank you for believing in us.
Holding us in your hearts.

As our new world changes, we change and adapt too, to keep all our swim families swimming safely.

It has been a whirlwind these last few months – we couldn’t have relaunched without your warm wishes.

The pool is more than a place to swim, let’s fly high together.

Trust in our children and support them together.

This is the Swim Works way…….

As our world changes, here at Swim Works we will adapt to keep our swim families learning to swim safely. This is our partnership approach and promise to you.

Swim Works is already known for its high hygiene standards but once again, we will lead the way with our innovation and excellent new updated operating procedures. In fact, we intend to make your swim experience as safe and as comfortable as possible.

We have thought of all the little details that make swim times special.

Swim Works safe pools

When we built Swim Works, we installed a state of the art plant room at both centres, which although was a huge investment at the time, has made our centres future proofed! Both of our pools boast a high filtration and a UV sanitation system which is the most highly affective system to zap bugs and bacteria, including the Coronavirus. We have fresh continuous air flow air handling systems (not air conditioning) in the pool corridors and changing rooms. On top of our super clean operational systems, we have daily deep and regular touch point cleans too!

Swim families can be reassured that research guides that pool water when properly maintained is safe.

Will things be different at Swim Works?

Many things are still the same, but we know you will also be delighted with our adaptions to make your swim journey COVID-Safe and extra special. The health and safety of our swimmers and team will always be our highest priority. We have written new risk assessments in line with the Government’s guidance and Swim Works safe operating procedures.

We understand everything feels a little new and it is only natural to have lots of questions, like what is ‘swim ready?’ Which is why we have created a handy FAQ guide.

Join us at Swim and Share

Our partnership approach at Swim Works means that we are here to support your swim journey every step of the way. You’ll be able to discover a lot more about our passionate team when you join our support group: Swim and Share. It is a friendly place where our parents can ask questions, meet-up with their swim friends and we often post videos, freebies and top tips.

We love to hear your feedback too!

Extra support and extra fun!

We would like to reassure all our swim families, that we are a sensory aware swim school. We have extensive experience in tailoring our classes to meet all our swimmer’s individual needs, both physically and emotionally. We understand how children learn and sometimes need a little extra support. We love nurturing their swim journey.

We have lots of resources to support our swim families….

Visual Story Guides

Let’s Get to Know You- Prompt Sheets

Walk through videos

Meet Mr Jelly! Our friendly Swim Works octopus who has long arms to keep us at a safe distance around our centres. He’s there to be a friendly marker and guide to remind our swim families where to stand around the centres and poolside too.

We have our numbered stations to keep us to at a safe distance in the pool too. We call our swim spaces ‘bubbles’ and our swim ‘pods.’ Our systems are designed to enhance your swim experience and to keep us safe.


Here at Swim Works we love to create a positive atmosphere for our swim families full of compassion, empathy and support for each other. We want Swim Works to be a safe place where our swim families come to enjoy the water, bond, relax and have fun. Lockdown has proved to be challenging for many, so let’s extend our best wishes of support to everyone.

Speedy Centralised Customer Service

We now have a centralised customer service, simply email info@swimworks.co.uk with any questions or if you would prefer a call, simply email “Call Back” with the best phone number.

Our team is on hand to help you ~ Every Splash of the Way!

See you soon

Swim Works is working hard behind the scenes to get ready to open again following the forced COVID-19 closures in March. 

Oh boy! It certainly has been a challenging time. We are not taking anything for granted as we know there have been challenges for you too. We may all be in the same storm, but we know that some people may have very different boats and may have had different challenges to face. We would like to take this opportunity to send you all our very best wishes. We are thinking of you, our swim families. We have been bowled over by all your well wishes and support – a heart-felt thank you!

As we look back over these last few months, you have kept us going!

We have enjoyed so much keeping in touch and seeing your swim smiles.

We really couldn’t have sailed this storm without you!

Here are just a few things we have been up to on our parent Swim & Share page;

Hayley’s weekly swim and play at home challenges

Catherine’s virtual Swim Academy lessons

Jo’s baby swims ‘Tales from the Tub’ and swim at home zoom support calls

Carol’s & Louise’s fun and fitness videos for their aqua ladies

Jordan’s puzzles and creative make and do

Amy, George, Olivia and Sam’s swim at home stories and fun family photos and videos too.

Swim Works safe pools

When we built Swim Works we installed a state of the art plant room at both centres. Which although was a huge investment at the time, looking back we are so glad we did, as this made our centres future proofed! Both of our pools boast a high filtration and a UV sanitation system, which is the most highly affected system to zap bugs and bacteria, including coronavirus. 

Our COVID-safe plan

We have been super busy updating our Swim Works swim centres, so we are COVID-safe. Swim Works is already known for its high hygiene standards but once again, we will lead the way with our innovation, excellence and new updated operating procedures.

When will we be swimming again?

Bear with us! We would love to know the exact date too! We are just waiting for the green Government light. We are super excited to get back to swimming too…. It won’t be long!?

Roll-on swims for existing swimmers

Many of our swimmers have pre-booked swim slots from when we closed, so our first term back will be catch-up swim sessions. We will be emailing our swimmers very soon with the finer details. We want you to know we will be offering free swims, discounts and incentives to get everyone swimming again. Existing swimmers will have the opportunity to swim at the same time and will be offered a swim window if they need to change their swim day too. Bear with us while we are busy behind the scenes putting our new systems in place.

New swimmers do get in touch

We would love to see some new faces at Swim Works. We are super excited to invite new babies, toddlers, children and adults to Swim Works. Do bear with us, as we will prioritise our current swimmer’s bookings.  Email info@swimworks.co.uk to register your interest. We would love to hear from you, as we will have extra summer classes for new swimmers too!

Meeting your child where they are at

We would like to reassure all our swim families, that we are the founders of Aqua Sensory. As a sensory aware swim school, we have extensive experience in tailoring our classes to meet all our swimmer’s individual needs, both physically and emotionally. We understand this might have felt like a long swim break for some children, so our first few lessons back will focus on fun and water confidence. We have designed a special lesson transition programme.

Will things be different at Swim Works?

Many things are still the same, but we know you will also be delighted with our adaptions to make your swim journey COVID-Safe and extra special. 

The health and safety of our swimmers and team will always be our highest priority. We have written new risk assessments in line with the Government’s guidance and Swim Works safe operating procedures. 

We look forward to sharing our adapted safe practices over the next few weeks

Our new measures include hand sterilising stations, increased hygiene and cleaning routines, physical distancing with our special bubbles and pods safe swim systems. 

As our new world changes, we will adapt to keep all our swim families learning to swim safely.

Also, at the same time, we haven’t forgotten about your children’s emotional needs too. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our transition social stories, videos, fun welcome packs and you will love our new COVID-Safe child-friendly graphics.

We are looking forward to getting Swim Works back to full operation again, in order to support you, our swim families and our community. 
We hope to see you all very soon but until then please stay safe.
Christian and Jo
Founders of Swim Works

Covid-19 Update

At Swim Works, we tried our best, to keep calm and open.

We are tackling a health crisis – together.

With so much conflicting advice, here at Swim Works, we are following Public Health England and our National Governing Bodies.

The time came on Wednesday 18th March to CLOSE our doors.

To contain the virus, to protect ourselves, swimmers and our staff.

This has been the most difficult decision ever!

Swim Works isn’t just a job, it’s our dream.

We built Swim Works for you, our community.

Something good will come out of this – I am sure.

Compassion, kindness, love and support for our fellow neighbour.

Looking out for each other.

At this present time, my heart goes out to our swim families.

Stay safe everyone!

Here at Swim Works, we proudly employ over 30 staff members, at the present time. We have to consider the livelihoods of all our team. Insurance does not cover situations like this.

Closing now means we have more chance of future success.

Let’s continue to look out for each other.

Keep being positive and using the best words of positivity to everyone, especially our children.

Send out words of support to your friends, neighbours to the local businesses and services you use. We all need to hear this, in times of need.

Here at Swim Works we have received the most wonderful words of support and would like to thank you… swimming means so much to many families it’s not just about learning to swim there are also … together times, fitness and well-being times.

We need your support, now more than ever.  We will do our very best to get Swim Works up and running again. At the present time, we don’t know what exact date this will be. But one thing is for sure, you have our promise we will do our very best and will put in an action a re-launch plan, so all our swimmers can benefit.

We have so many ideas and intentions like ‘free’ roll on lessons, discounts and incentives, as soon as we know the timeline, we can start to plan.

On behalf of the whole team who are missing their swimmers terribly, we send well wishes and love to you all. Stay safe, stay well (stay sane) and we cannot wait to see you all again as soon as possible – virtually for now though!

Thank you for your understanding, your support, your kindness.

We are here … as always … every splash of the way!

Aqua Sensory at Swim Works

There aren’t many swim schools that can say they have written their very own aquatic pedagogy and one that is now recognised internationally. At Swim Works, we understand that no two children learn the same, so we tailor our classes and take an individual and inclusive approach to swimming.

We are very proud of our Aqua Sensory ® ethos here at Swim Works.

Our Aqua Sensory ethos runs across everything we do!

We wrote our Aqua Sensory child development programme, way back in 2013, in response to our changing world. 

Our world becoming busier.

Changes in the way our children were; playing, moving and connecting.

Our children’s learning styles changing.

We started to see new sensory sensitivities.

We became more aware of our changing world, so we adapted our teaching methods, we wrote a new programme, we trained our teachers. 

At Swim Works – we Try-Test-Tune new swim approaches and new swim resources through our Aqua Sensory research. We are continually adapting as our world continually changes.

What is the difference between Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme?

Aqua Sensory combines early learning and developmental opportunities in the water. Sessions are run by our highly trained team of early years experts and are written by a qualified Occupational Therapist. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience of working with children with additional physical and learning needs. Aqua Sensory is focused on supporting both development and sensory integration. 

Aqua Sensory classes have so many benefits

Our Aqua Sensory programme supports ALL children and ALL their developmental needs; emotional, social and physical. Balancing both external and internal senses to enhance sensory integration and developmental skills like; balance, coordination, taking turns, making friends and taking risks.

Aqua Sensory provides a firm foundation to early years learning, in the best multi-sensory, natural environment possible- water! 

Aqua Sensory is much more than a programme to
learn to swim

Aqua Sensory is great fun for everyone! For Babies 6 months, toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 3 and 4 years. A mixed-aged class means siblings and friends can swim together to benefit from water confidence and developmental, sensory fun.

Running both Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme provides our swim families with the opportunity to swim twice if they wish and see double the benefits.

During a typical Aqua Sensory class, we will take you and your child on an adventure, providing sensory stimulation through music, stories, songs, water massage and adventure play. Our themes ignite our children’s imagination in the pool, as we “Go on a Bear Hunt” we create a “Teddy Bear Picnic” “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Clap, Pat and Tap!” to name a few. 

Enjoy 25% off this term with our introductory offer and community groups can enjoy 50% off too!

We would love you to come so we can; Learn, Develop and Explore together!

Watch our video and join in the sensory fun!

Sensory smiles,

Sarah Coe, OT and Jo Wilson, Founder of Aqua Sensory.

There are so many benefits to Mermaid swimming – come and join in the fun!

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of being a Mermaid and which swimming teacher doesn’t! 

Mermaids are magical.

Mermaids live under the water.

Mermaids can flip and dive, float and spin.

Mermaiding is such a fun way to learn swim skills!

Being a Mermaid or Merman is a win-win!

Only a couple of weeks ago the Swimming Teachers Association launched the first qualification so our teachers could also become Mermaid Teachers.

The STA has partnered with Mermaids Swimming UK, to create this specialised new regulated qualification, to raise standards and drive best practice.

Of course, at Swim Works, we were one of the first swim schools to have undertaken the Mermaids swim courses as a CPD with Mermaids UK, so we were keen to continue and support them and take this new qualification.

Both Hayley and Louise, our fantastic Swim Works teachers, loved every moment! 

Swim Works will be running four Mermaid experiences in the Easter holidays 2021.

You can book via our booking system or call up – each experience costs £30 and includes full use of equipment. We have a maximum of six children per experience.

During the experience, each child will be able to experience the magic of being a mermaid or merman (as our experiences are popular with boys too). 

Swim test – safety first!

Children do have to be 6 years or over and be confident swimmers i.e. Level 3 at Swim Works. Our experiences are for children who can swim independently 25m or more, able to submerge their faces fully under the water and have the ability to kick with a dolphin leg kick. During every session, we carry out a swim test. Failure to pass the swim test will mean that not the full equipment of the skins and tails can be used.

Our experiences are OPEN to friends and families with children, so spreading the Mermazing ® fun! 

At the end of the session, we always allow a little time for our parents to take magical photos too.

There are so many benefits to Mermaiding and Monofin swimming.

The popularity of Disney’s Little Mermaid and the shops being full of mermaid memorabilia means that now dreams can become true in the pool at Swim Works.

We make our mermaid sessions so much fun!

But whilst having fun, your child is also learning and refining some serious swim skills too.

Mermaids and mermen – can swim faster

Have you ever used flippers? Our monofins are just like one big flipper. Allowing the fin to create propulsion through the water. 

Budding scuba diving families?

Your children will love our experiences as they will be learning underwater dive skills too.

Phew! What a workout!

Swimming with a tail underwater is a skill in itself. Having both legs in a monofin and using a dolphin leg kick challenges the body in new ways. Mermaid swimming is fun and intense on the core muscles. It’s a cardio workout on the arms and legs – a whole body workout in fact.

Improved co-ordination

Can you wiggle your hips, dolphin kick, wave your arms in front, put your faces in and pull in your core? These are just some of the co-ordination skills needed for mermaiding.


Mermaids and mermen work together to put on their skins, to play in the pool and to watch out for each other. As we learn new skills and progress, we can work in teams to create more complicated synchro swim moves.

Swim skills

Has your child ever reached a plateau at swimming? Mermaiding can provide swim skills breakthroughs. 

Motivate younger children

You have to be 6 years or older and a confident independent swimmer for mermaiding. But isn’t this the best motivator ever? To want to try and learn more in the pool, so they too can experience being a merman or mermaid?

Here at Swim Works, we are really excited to be offering our mermaid experiences.

We can’t wait to swim with you and create Mermazing memories together.