Lockdown No. 3

In light of the recent announcement on Monday 4th January, like so many aspects of our lives at the moment, all of our lessons at Swim Works are now on HOLD until we can resume and be together again. What is not on hold though is our DESIRE and PASSION to keep Swim Works afloat, […]

Lockdown 2.0

Let’s Rock Lockdown … together. Following the announcements in Parliament on Wednesday 4th November, Swim Works will sadly close our doors for a little pause and re-open when we have the Government go ahead. We plan to re-open on Thursday 3nd December. It goes without saying, no one wanted this…. at the present time we […]

Thank you

As our new world changes, we change and adapt too, to keep all our swim families swimming safely. It has been a whirlwind these last few months – we couldn’t have relaunched without your warm wishes. The pool is more than a place to swim, let’s fly high together. Trust in our children and support […]

As our world changes, here at Swim Works we will adapt to keep our swim families learning to swim safely. This is our partnership approach and promise to you. Swim Works is already known for its high hygiene standards but once again, we will lead the way with our innovation and excellent new updated operating […]

See you soon

Swim Works is working hard behind the scenes to get ready to open again following the forced COVID-19 closures in March.  Oh boy! It certainly has been a challenging time. We are not taking anything for granted as we know there have been challenges for you too. We may all be in the same storm, but we know that some people may […]

Covid-19 Update

At Swim Works, we tried our best, to keep calm and open. We are tackling a health crisis – together. With so much conflicting advice, here at Swim Works, we are following Public Health England and our National Governing Bodies. The time came on Wednesday 18th March to CLOSE our doors. To contain the virus, […]

Aqua Sensory at Swim Works

There aren’t many swim schools that can say they have written their very own aquatic pedagogy and one that is now recognised internationally. At Swim Works, we understand that no two children learn the same, so we tailor our classes and take an individual and inclusive approach to swimming. We are very proud of our Aqua […]

There are so many benefits to Mermaid swimming – come and join in the fun!

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of being a Mermaid and which swimming teacher doesn’t!  Mermaids are magical. Mermaids live under the water. Mermaids can flip and dive, float and spin. Mermaiding is such a fun way to learn swim skills! Being a Mermaid or Merman is a win-win! Only a couple of weeks […]

Swim Works Love Letters: Join Our Vision

We understand the power of water. We understand the power of words. Have you ever written a letter or a little note to your child? One that they can look back on in the future? In 2020, we’re inviting you to send a message from the heart and join our Swim Letters Vision. At Swim […]

When is the best time to start baby swimming?

Here at Swim Works, we start our special Newborn Splashers programme at 6 weeks. Our pools are the perfect warm temperature and we have fantastic family friendly changing facilities. A newborn baby’s skin is sensitive so we do recommend you stick to bath time before then. The NHS support early swimming too, you don’t need to wait for baby’s full immunisations.