Covid-19 Update

At Swim Works, we tried our best, to keep calm and open.

We are tackling a health crisis – together.

With so much conflicting advice, here at Swim Works, we are following Public Health England and our National Governing Bodies.

The time came on Wednesday 18th March to CLOSE our doors.

To contain the virus, to protect ourselves, swimmers and our staff.

This has been the most difficult decision ever!

Swim Works isn’t just a job, it’s our dream.

We built Swim Works for you, our community.

Something good will come out of this – I am sure.

Compassion, kindness, love and support for our fellow neighbour.

Looking out for each other.

At this present time, my heart goes out to our swim families.

Stay safe everyone!

Here at Swim Works, we proudly employ over 30 staff members, at the present time. We have to consider the livelihoods of all our team. Insurance does not cover situations like this.

Closing now means we have more chance of future success.

Let’s continue to look out for each other.

Keep being positive and using the best words of positivity to everyone, especially our children.

Send out words of support to your friends, neighbours to the local businesses and services you use. We all need to hear this, in times of need.

Here at Swim Works we have received the most wonderful words of support and would like to thank you… swimming means so much to many families it’s not just about learning to swim there are also … together times, fitness and well-being times.

Thank you for your understanding, your support, your kindness.

We are here … as always … every splash of the way!


Aqua Sensory at Swim Works

There aren’t many swim schools that can say they have written their very own aquatic pedagogy and one that is now recognised internationally. At Swim Works, we understand that no two children learn the same, so we tailor our classes and take an individual and inclusive approach to swimming.

We are very proud of our Aqua Sensory ® ethos here at Swim Works.

Our Aqua Sensory ethos runs across everything we do!

We wrote our Aqua Sensory child development programme, way back in 2013, in response to our changing world. 

Our world becoming busier.

Changes in the way our children were; playing, moving and connecting.

Our children’s learning styles changing.

We started to see new sensory sensitivities.

We became more aware of our changing world, so we adapted our teaching methods, we wrote a new programme, we trained our teachers. 

At Swim Works – we Try-Test-Tune new swim approaches and new swim resources through our Aqua Sensory research. We are continually adapting as our world continually changes.

What is the difference between Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme?

Aqua Sensory combines early learning and developmental opportunities in the water. Sessions are run by our highly trained team of early years experts and are written by a qualified Occupational Therapist. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience of working with children with additional physical and learning needs. Aqua Sensory is focused on supporting both development and sensory integration. 

Aqua Sensory classes have so many benefits

Our Aqua Sensory programme supports ALL children and ALL their developmental needs; emotional, social and physical. Balancing both external and internal senses to enhance sensory integration and developmental skills like; balance, coordination, taking turns, making friends and taking risks.

Aqua Sensory provides a firm foundation to early years learning, in the best multi-sensory, natural environment possible- water! 

Aqua Sensory is much more than a programme to
learn to swim

Aqua Sensory is great fun for everyone! For Babies 6 months, toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 3 and 4 years. A mixed-aged class means siblings and friends can swim together to benefit from water confidence and developmental, sensory fun.

Running both Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme provides our swim families with the opportunity to swim twice if they wish and see double the benefits.

During a typical Aqua Sensory class, we will take you and your child on an adventure, providing sensory stimulation through music, stories, songs, water massage and adventure play. Our themes ignite our children’s imagination in the pool, as we “Go on a Bear Hunt” we create a “Teddy Bear Picnic” “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Clap, Pat and Tap!” to name a few. 

Enjoy 25% off this term with our introductory offer and community groups can enjoy 50% off too!

We would love you to come so we can; Learn, Develop and Explore together!

Watch our video and join in the sensory fun!

Sensory smiles,

Sarah Coe, OT and Jo Wilson, Founder of Aqua Sensory.


There are so many benefits to Mermaid swimming – come and join in the fun!

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of being a Mermaid and which swimming teacher doesn’t! 

Mermaids are magical.

Mermaids live under the water.

Mermaids can flip and dive, float and spin.

Mermaiding is such a fun way to learn swim skills!

Being a Mermaid or Merman is a win-win!

Only a couple of weeks ago the Swimming Teachers Association launched the first qualification so our teachers could also become Mermaid Teachers.

The STA has partnered with Mermaids Swimming UK, to create this specialised new regulated qualification, to raise standards and drive best practice.

Of course, at Swim Works, we were one of the first swim schools to have undertaken the Mermaids swim courses as a CPD with Mermaids UK, so we were keen to continue and support them and take this new qualification.

Both Hayley and Louise, our fantastic Swim Works teachers, loved every moment! 

Swim Works will be running four Mermaid experiences during April and May.

Rugby Swim Works: Friday 17th April 10-11 am and Sunday 17th May 1.30-2.30 pm

Leamington Swim Works: Wednesday 8th April 10-11 am and Sunday 19th April 3-4 pm.

You can book via our booking system or call up – each experience costs £30 and includes full use of equipment. We have a maximum of six children per experience.

During the experience, each child will be able to experience the magic of being a mermaid or merman (as our experiences are popular with boys too). 

Swim test – safety first!

Children do have to be 6 years or over and be confident swimmers i.e. Level 3 at Swim Works. Our experiences are for children who can swim independently 25m or more, able to submerge their faces fully under the water and have the ability to kick with a dolphin leg kick. During every session, we carry out a swim test. Failure to pass the swim test will mean that not the full equipment of the skins and tails can be used.

Our experiences are OPEN to friends and families with children, so spreading the Mermazing ® fun! 

At the end of the session, we always allow a little time for our parents to take magical photos too.

There are so many benefits to Mermaiding and Monofin swimming.

The popularity of Disney’s Little Mermaid and the shops being full of mermaid memorabilia means that now dreams can become true in the pool at Swim Works.

We make our mermaid sessions so much fun!

But whilst having fun, your child is also learning and refining some serious swim skills too.

Mermaids and mermen – can swim faster

Have you ever used flippers? Our monofins are just like one big flipper. Allowing the fin to create propulsion through the water. 

Budding scuba diving families?

Your children will love our experiences as they will be learning underwater dive skills too.

Phew! What a workout!

Swimming with a tail underwater is a skill in itself. Having both legs in a monofin and using a dolphin leg kick challenges the body in new ways. Mermaid swimming is fun and intense on the core muscles. It’s a cardio workout on the arms and legs – a whole body workout in fact.

Improved co-ordination

Can you wiggle your hips, dolphin kick, wave your arms in front, put your faces in and pull in your core? These are just some of the co-ordination skills needed for mermaiding.


Mermaids and mermen work together to put on their skins, to play in the pool and to watch out for each other. As we learn new skills and progress, we can work in teams to create more complicated synchro swim moves.

Swim skills

Has your child ever reached a plateau at swimming? Mermaiding can provide swim skills breakthroughs. 

Motivate younger children

You have to be 6 years or older and a confident independent swimmer for mermaiding. But isn’t this the best motivator ever? To want to try and learn more in the pool, so they too can experience being a merman or mermaid?

Here at Swim Works, we are really excited to be offering our mermaid experiences.

We can’t wait to swim with you and create Mermazing memories together.


Swim Works Love Letters: Join Our Vision

We understand the power of water. We understand the power of words.

Have you ever written a letter or a little note to your child? One that they can look back on in the future? In 2020, we’re inviting you to send a message from the heart and join our Swim Letters Vision.

At Swim Works, the pool is the perfect place for togetherness, a place for reflection, a place to share emotions and make connections, with you, our parents, at the centre of it all. Every day, we hear the words you whisper to your little ones before and after their lessons, your encouragement and support. We want to bring those precious moments to life and present them to the world. We also want to support other swim families, as we know our parents are truly amazing and can offer so much love and support.

That’s why we want to collect and publish a selection of letters and words of encouragement from our swim parents, written to their child or children. Your words of wisdom can be about how they love swimming and how you would encourage them during difficult times. We want to encourage parents to take time out to reflect on what being together in the pool has come to mean for their family, what it means to you to see your child learning to swim.

I am sure you’ll agree, we all love receiving letters and hearing other parents’ words of wisdom can truly help us. We all can resonate that swim journeys can take time and are not always a straight line, but a little wavy like the ocean.

How to send us your letter

  • Email your letters, words of wisdom and encouragement to by 1/3/2020.
  • Address your letter to your child and don’t forget to sign off at the end
  • We’d also love any hand-written additions, so do drop your letters off at reception
  • In return, to say thank you, as we value your time to spread the joy and love of swim, the 10 most wondrous letters will receive a £10 voucher for Swim Works. Every submission will enter our prize draw to win a £50 Swim Works voucher.

Some ideas to think about when writing your letter

  • What you would say to your child about why you love those sacred hours bringing them swimming, being in the water with them or watching them by the side?
  • What do you see them get out of their time in the pool – learning new skills, growing their confidence, playing, being together?
  • What you would say to encourage them if they were feeling hesitant or frustrated about being in the water?
  • How will you look back on these moments in the water in the years to come?
  • How does being in the water together make you feel emotionally?

What happens next

This year for us is all about #togetherness and sharing. Your entries will be collected, collated and published to our swim community so we can support each other and share the love.

Thank you for being part of what we do. Any parents who swim with us already will know that a swimming lesson is never just about learning to swim, but so much more.

Splashy warm regards,

Jo x

Terms and conditions

By submitting your personal letter and details us as part of this project, you agree to have this information shared in current and future marketing and press materials, as well as stored by ourselves on our database(s). If you have any questions about how your information and data will be used, don’t hesitate to drop us a question at


When is the best time to start baby swimming?

It’s never too early to learn to swim. Being in water is our natural habitat as we’ve just come from the liquid environment of mommy’s womb.

Here at Swim Works, we start our special Newborn Splashers programme at 6 weeks. Our pools are the perfect warm temperature and we have fantastic family friendly changing facilities. A newborn baby’s skin is sensitive so we do recommend you stick to bath time before then. The NHS support early swimming too, you don’t need to wait for baby’s full immunisations. 

Water naturally supports skin to skin contact and facilitates the bonding process between parent and child. Water can feel welcoming and safe and helps babies feel comfortable in their new little bodies.

Your little one will be wriggling around the pool in no time. Our teachers are trained to support you support your baby in water. Classes are slow and very gentle, we guide you with our flowing movements and nurturing holds, to lullabies. 

There have been numerous studies about the ways swimming helps babies and toddlers develop mentally as well as emotionally. Movement in water helps build new brain synapses we wouldn’t on dry land.

By learning to be part of a group long before we go to school, baby swimming helps with transitions and skills acquired in a social setting. Swimming strengthens our emotional intelligence, our mental clarity and focus as well as our physical strength and mobility.

We’ve received feedback from so many parents saying “if we’d known we would have started earlier!” The benefits of swimming are visible at home as well as in school.

Many parents start baby swimming lessons because they themselves do not swim so they would like their child to learn to swim as young as possible.

Our water parenting approach means that you and your child can learn to be comfortable in water together. Our children learn through copying adults so the more comfortable we feel in water the more we are communicating it is safe to do so.

At Swim Works you are in the safe hands of caring and experienced professionals.


Swim Works: Family Friendly Swimming Classes in Warwickshire

Swim Works is an award-winning business which aims to provide the best swim experience in Warwickshire. Swim Works is no ordinary swimming pool and we aim to provide an extra special learn to swim experience; this is our promise to you!

Our Swim Works Customer Promise

Our promise to all children and parents who swim with us…

…to care about your child and to ensure they enjoy their swimming journey with us.

…to offer an individual approach, recognising that each child learns differently and shines at their own time.

…to ensure your child develops a love of swimming and an awareness of water safety.

…to work in partnership with you and recognise that you are the expert on your child.

…to employ passionate, experienced teachers who will make every lesson special.

…to build your child’s confidence and recognise every achievement.

…to inspire a life-long love of swimming.

…to instil essential life skills through fun and engaging activities.

…to recognise when your child needs a little extra help and give them what they need to succeed.

Swim Works is proud to be: Local, independent and family run!

Our purpose-built facilities in Rugby and Leamington Spa, offer our swimmers low in chlorine pools, clean and spacious changing facilities, impressive viewing areas for families and friends.

Both our swim centers have been designed and built to support early learning needs and sensitivities in water. We provide easy access so your entire swim journey can be planned in advance with comfort and ease.

Our learn to swim programme offers a choice of classes to suit all ages and is led by experienced specialised staff in working with children as well as adults in water.

Our classes are small and only one class runs at any one at a time,  while our pools and equipment have been tried and tested to facilitate the best learning experience possible.

Our sensitive Newborn Splashers programme includes Aqua Natal fitness classes for mums to be and welcomes babies from 6 weeks old.

Our unique Baby and Toddler programme guides parents to enjoy learning and swimming together to create friends and strong bonds along the way.

Our very successful Swim Academy teaches swimmers welcomes children from 4 years and instils; good body alignment and builds solid foundations for all swim strokes.

Our Adult Programme includes Aqua Fitness classes, small Learn to Swim classes with the teacher in the water as well as 121 classes. We teach all ages, abilities and confidence levels. 

Our fantastic team of specialised teachers understand the value of learning to swim and are trained to support our swimmers on their entire swim journey.

We are the creators of a unique pedagogic teaching ethos called Aqua Sensory which we have the privilege of applying throughout our business and swim programme.

Aqua Sensory is also a global platform for aquatic professionals providing creative and specialized resources for our industry.

Swim Works is the hub of Aqua Sensory and also holds conferences and offers its workshop facilities to other professionals who are working in early years health and education.

Our partnership approach means that we are here to support your swim journey every step of the way. You’ll be able to discover a lot more about our passionate team, when you join us.

We love building positive relationships in water.

See you in the pool!


11 reasons you should never stop swimming – number 7 will surprise you!

Modern life is so busy, I think we all sometimes feel like we can’t fit everything in (I know I do!). And our children are busy too, with more choice of activities than ever.

Any class is an investment of time and money but I can’t think of any that offer anything close to the huge range of benefits to a child’s development that swimming does.

Exercise? Check. Music? Check. Play? Check. Sensory stimulation? Check. In fact, baby swimming is like 100 different activities rolled into one amazing half-hour!

There’s too many benefits to list in just one blog, but here are just a few of my favourite things about baby swimming.

1. It helps keep your child safe – our lessons include skills like turning, rolling and floating. Vital for safety and, of course, the perfect foundation for great swimming too!

2. Improves coordination and balance through simultaneous movements like moving arms and kicking legs. And that’s not just in the water – babies who swim are stronger in these areas outside the pool too

3. Supports motor skills from weight bearing and limb control to spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination

4. Builds water confidence from early on. And if you’re not a confident swimmer yourself, swimming with your baby can help grow your love of the water too!

5. Improves joint mobility and muscle strength, including better core muscle tone, through the complete freedom of movement babies only get in the water

6. Supports better circulation by giving their heart and lungs a gentle workout

7. Helps them do better at school – children who swim during their developmental years reach several mental and physical milestones faster than their non-swimming peers * 

8. Builds social skills by mixing with different groups, practicing things like taking turns and sharing, and growing their confidence

9. Can improve sleep – we can’t guarantee 12 hours a night but the extra exercise will certainly make your baby sleepier!

10. Can improve appetite – lots of gentle exercise and being in warm water all helps make your baby hungry

11. Provides quality bonding time through undivided attention – whether that’s with mummy, daddy, a grandparent or even an aunt or uncle. Lots of our grown-ups say it’s their favourite half-hour of the week!

I could keep going but I think you get the idea! We make our lessons so much fun, it can be easy to forget just how much is happening in your child’s mind and body in that short 30 minutes, and how much that benefits them away from the pool too. But I think if you could see it all like I do, you’d never stop swimming!

I’ve got lots more information how swimming supports children’s development, so please just ask if you’re interested. It’s my absolute passion so I’m always very happy to spread the word!

Happy swimming!

Jo, Founder of Swim Works

Griffith research study reported; Swimming is a smart move as swimming babies meet developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers.