Aqua Sensory®

A fresh new approach

We are the founders of Aqua Sensory®

Aqua sensory certificate

There aren’t many swim schools that can say they have written their very own aquatic pedagogy and one that is now recognised Internationally. We are very proud of our Aqua Sensory ® ethos here at Swim Works.

Our world is changing the way we move, play and connect with each other. In response our children’s development is changing too, so we have adapted our teaching methods. We understand that no two children learn the same, so we tailor our classes and take an individual and inclusive approach to swimming.

sensory child development and water safety programme

Our unique sensory child development and water safety programme is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our focus is greater than just ‘learning to swim’ it’s a whole sensory experience. We take a child-led approach. We value play and add in yoga, rhythm, signing and massage in our baby and toddler programme. We translate our children’s cues; we understand our sensory seekers and sensory avoiders.

children to develop in their own unique way, through fun, exploration and discovery play.

In our fast paced world, our special Aqua Sensory® ethos is a break from the norm. We focus on the little details that are often forgotten in early years, like the sensory magic and joy of water. Our swim programme allows our children to develop in their own unique way, through fun, exploration and discovery play. 

We are early years educators in water, taking inspirations from Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Pikler and a sprinkle of Steiner.

We design our pool spaces as ‘an aquatic classroom’ and set up our sessions to challenge, but also to reassure. We foster curiosity, ignite imaginations with our extra special swim resources. Our early years swim approach blends the safe and familiar with the stimulating, to aid all learning styles. 

Being sensory aware swim school means we are here to support your whole swim journey. We are an inclusive swim school who supports all learning styles. Your child will love our little ‘fishy’ social story support and swim journey guide. We also offer 1-2-1s for any child requiring individual attention. 

Our lessons are so much more than simply learning to swim, we help our children to love the water and to bubble with confidence!

If you’re a swim professional swim teacher, aqua therapist or early years educator, visit our Aqua Sensory website and join our tribe.