Celebrating Father’s Day

This month in our Love Creates Love group we are celebrating Father’s Day, would you like to join us?

Our first Love Group will take place at Leamington Swim Works on Sunday 4th July: 3-4.30pm

This special group celebrates new Father’s with 6 weeks to 6 month old babies.

We start upstairs at 3pm for a welcome ceremony for a chance to meet our babies and other Dads.

We will then slowly go to the changing rooms and be the pool for 3.30pm.

Swim time will be full of:

💦 Holds and moves will feel comforting and slow
💦 Simple sprinkles, songs, splashes and time for silent water walks.
💦 We finish back upstairs for our chill out time and cake to take away.

The idea behind Love creates Love is simple.

“Every child who receives love has the capacity to go on and give love, and so it continues to make the world a more compassionate and peaceful place.” Gayle Berry.

In our special Father’s Day Love Creates Love group, give yourself some well-deserved TLC and connect with other parents and babies. Come and relax after the class and meet new Dads, share experiences.

It all starts with love and connection.

Our groups create a reciprocal loving and secure relationship between parents and babies, which is mutually beneficial and long lasting.

In the pool, it is easy to communicate to your baby they are loved, through your eye contact, gentle songs, loving holds and responding to their needs. The water is facilitating strong bonds and attachments, which studies have shown is vital for healthy brain development.

One of the many benefits of the water, is that it is a multi-sensory experience naturally, and one that stimulates all the senses. For babies this is an incredible and immersive experience. Which is why we take our sessions nice and slow, there are so many sights to soak in, noises to hear, new smells, sprinkles, and splashes to feel. When we slow down and connect to our senses, we not only deepen our connection to our babies or the water. We also deepen the connection to ourselves.

When we teach children love and show them our deep love, we are creating a strong blue print that they will carry forward for the rest of their lives.

How to register your interest and WIN a free place

Spaces are limited to nine Dads, to register your interest please email we look forward to hearing from you. As part of this group, we are giving one space away free – when you email in, do let us know why you think you/ or if emailing on behalf of your baby’s Dad, why you feel our Love Create Loves group will be of benefit.

We will be reading every email, allocating spaces and selecting a winner of this prize by Sunday 27th June.

Love starts with everyone, and our swim families are always in our thoughts.. We look forward to connecting with you and expressing lots of splashy swim love.

Lots of splashy love, Jo x

Founder of Swim Works

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