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Let’s Splash into Spring

Spring is such a fantastic time of year to learn new skills, the nights are getting lighter, the days are a little warmer. It isn’t just the birds in the trees and the sheep in the fields that are feeling fresh and springy, here at Swim Works we feel it around our centers too.

We are now out of lockdown…. a big YAY! What a year it has been for all of us! We have would like to say THANK YOU to all our swim families, we know lockdown has been difficult for many of us, for lots of different reasons. It can feel stressful when things constantly change.

Here at Swim Works for our first few weeks back, we are easing back slowly, taking a mindful approach to our classes and everything we do. We are here to support all our swim families and we love taking an individual approach to swimming. So, if you are feeling a little nervous or shy, do let us know – it is ok, we will understand.

For our children we have social stories to support and fun “Let’s Get to Know You,” downloads, which your teacher will love reading and help your child with their swim transitions, for this ‘come back term.’

Get in touch if you need any extra support, because we are with you – every splash of the way!

Oooh we have lots planned for our ‘come back Spring term, here are a few diary dates for you…. ‘

Week Commencing 
12/4Our first week back will be egg-xtra special with a fun packed lesson, as we swim & chase our eggs and practice our bunny jumps.
19/4Spring is here, it’s time to build our swim confidence and time to grow!
26/43,2,1 POW! Superheroes are go go go! Time to show off our super swim skills, it’s going to be fun for everyone, because our swim families are superheroes too!
3/5Let’s move and groove like animals, it is great fun and for the brain and the body to move in lots of dynamic ways.

And Monday 3rd May is also time to re-enrol for next term too! Don’t delay book today (you have 7 days to rebook, the same class at the same time).
10/5Time for to dip and dive as we explore the underwater world.

Monday 10th before noon is when our priority deadline ends if you would like to stay in the same class and Wednesday 12th May at noon – all our new swimmers can join us as we open up our booking system.
17/5Let’s have lots of swim fun, this week’s theme is: Brilliant Balls.
24/5Music brings us together as we explore rhythm in the pool.
31/5We are bringing on the summer holiday feeling as we go all tropical.

Superheroes are go go go!

We can’t wait to bring out the superpowers of every child….

Enjoy having fantastic colouring fun, download our fun colouring sheet here or pick up a sheet from our centres.

At Swim Works we are building strong swimmers who can be independent and confident. We will guide our children to believe in themselves, to bring out their superpowers. Through our swim activities we will enhance their self-expression, to fly in the pool by taking a few risks. 

We can’t wait to empower your child….. so they can reach their full potential. 

See you in the Pool!

The Swim Works Team