Lockdown 2.0

Let’s Rock Lockdown … together.

Following the announcements in Parliament on Wednesday 4th November, Swim Works will sadly close our doors for a little pause and re-open when we have the Government go ahead. We plan to re-open on Thursday 3nd December.

It goes without saying, no one wanted this…. at the present time we feel flat, frustrated and financially challenged. We believe, swimming pools provide such a healthy and safe environment and are essential for future generation’s life skills. We had so much positive feedback from our swim families on all the adaptations we made, to keep everyone swimming safely.  

At Swim Works we will always do our very best.

We are rolling on our swim term and look forward to more splashing fun in December.

Dates can be found on our website timetable link and in our recent emails.

We are determined to ‘Rock Lockdown” during these challenging times.

We invite all our swim families to join us in our active community group: Swim & Share.

We are keeping in touch with our Swim Academy LIVES with Hayley and Monday Moments with Jo, to provide weekly at home lesson plans. In fact, we have something planned for every day of the week and a fun prize draw to win £100 worth of swim vouchers too.

DOWNLOAD our “Let’s Rock Lockdown” weekly schedule.

If you are not on Facebook, but need a check in for anything, do let us know.

We look forward to connecting and keeping in touch.

Splashy regards,

Christian and Jo

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