As our world changes, here at Swim Works we will adapt to keep our swim families learning to swim safely. This is our partnership approach and promise to you.

Swim Works is already known for its high hygiene standards but once again, we will lead the way with our innovation and excellent new updated operating procedures. In fact, we intend to make your swim experience as safe and as comfortable as possible.

We have thought of all the little details that make swim times special.

Swim Works safe pools

When we built Swim Works, we installed a state of the art plant room at both centres, which although was a huge investment at the time, has made our centres future proofed! Both of our pools boast a high filtration and a UV sanitation system which is the most highly affective system to zap bugs and bacteria, including the Coronavirus. We have fresh continuous air flow air handling systems (not air conditioning) in the pool corridors and changing rooms. On top of our super clean operational systems, we have daily deep and regular touch point cleans too!

Swim families can be reassured that research guides that pool water when properly maintained is safe.

Will things be different at Swim Works?

Many things are still the same, but we know you will also be delighted with our adaptions to make your swim journey COVID-Safe and extra special. The health and safety of our swimmers and team will always be our highest priority. We have written new risk assessments in line with the Government’s guidance and Swim Works safe operating procedures.

We understand everything feels a little new and it is only natural to have lots of questions, like what is ‘swim ready?’ Which is why we have created a handy FAQ guide.

Join us at Swim and Share

Our partnership approach at Swim Works means that we are here to support your swim journey every step of the way. You’ll be able to discover a lot more about our passionate team when you join our support group: Swim and Share. It is a friendly place where our parents can ask questions, meet-up with their swim friends and we often post videos, freebies and top tips.

We love to hear your feedback too!

Extra support and extra fun!

We would like to reassure all our swim families, that we are a sensory aware swim school. We have extensive experience in tailoring our classes to meet all our swimmer’s individual needs, both physically and emotionally. We understand how children learn and sometimes need a little extra support. We love nurturing their swim journey.

We have lots of resources to support our swim families….

Visual Story Guides

Let’s Get to Know You- Prompt Sheets

Walk through videos

Meet Mr Jelly! Our friendly Swim Works octopus who has long arms to keep us at a safe distance around our centres. He’s there to be a friendly marker and guide to remind our swim families where to stand around the centres and poolside too.

We have our numbered stations to keep us to at a safe distance in the pool too. We call our swim spaces ‘bubbles’ and our swim ‘pods.’ Our systems are designed to enhance your swim experience and to keep us safe.


Here at Swim Works we love to create a positive atmosphere for our swim families full of compassion, empathy and support for each other. We want Swim Works to be a safe place where our swim families come to enjoy the water, bond, relax and have fun. Lockdown has proved to be challenging for many, so let’s extend our best wishes of support to everyone.

Speedy Centralised Customer Service

We now have a centralised customer service, simply email with any questions or if you would prefer a call, simply email “Call Back” with the best phone number.

Our team is on hand to help you ~ Every Splash of the Way!