See you soon

Swim Works is working hard behind the scenes to get ready to open again following the forced COVID-19 closures in March. 

Oh boy! It certainly has been a challenging time. We are not taking anything for granted as we know there have been challenges for you too. We may all be in the same storm, but we know that some people may have very different boats and may have had different challenges to face. We would like to take this opportunity to send you all our very best wishes. We are thinking of you, our swim families. We have been bowled over by all your well wishes and support – a heart-felt thank you!

As we look back over these last few months, you have kept us going!

We have enjoyed so much keeping in touch and seeing your swim smiles.

We really couldn’t have sailed this storm without you!

Here are just a few things we have been up to on our parent Swim & Share page;

Hayley’s weekly swim and play at home challenges

Catherine’s virtual Swim Academy lessons

Jo’s baby swims ‘Tales from the Tub’ and swim at home zoom support calls

Carol’s & Louise’s fun and fitness videos for their aqua ladies

Jordan’s puzzles and creative make and do

Amy, George, Olivia and Sam’s swim at home stories and fun family photos and videos too.

Swim Works safe pools

When we built Swim Works we installed a state of the art plant room at both centres. Which although was a huge investment at the time, looking back we are so glad we did, as this made our centres future proofed! Both of our pools boast a high filtration and a UV sanitation system, which is the most highly affected system to zap bugs and bacteria, including coronavirus. 

Our COVID-safe plan

We have been super busy updating our Swim Works swim centres, so we are COVID-safe. Swim Works is already known for its high hygiene standards but once again, we will lead the way with our innovation, excellence and new updated operating procedures.

When will we be swimming again?

Bear with us! We would love to know the exact date too! We are just waiting for the green Government light. We are super excited to get back to swimming too…. It won’t be long!?

Roll-on swims for existing swimmers

Many of our swimmers have pre-booked swim slots from when we closed, so our first term back will be catch-up swim sessions. We will be emailing our swimmers very soon with the finer details. We want you to know we will be offering free swims, discounts and incentives to get everyone swimming again. Existing swimmers will have the opportunity to swim at the same time and will be offered a swim window if they need to change their swim day too. Bear with us while we are busy behind the scenes putting our new systems in place.

New swimmers do get in touch

We would love to see some new faces at Swim Works. We are super excited to invite new babies, toddlers, children and adults to Swim Works. Do bear with us, as we will prioritise our current swimmer’s bookings.  Email to register your interest. We would love to hear from you, as we will have extra summer classes for new swimmers too!

Meeting your child where they are at

We would like to reassure all our swim families, that we are the founders of Aqua Sensory. As a sensory aware swim school, we have extensive experience in tailoring our classes to meet all our swimmer’s individual needs, both physically and emotionally. We understand this might have felt like a long swim break for some children, so our first few lessons back will focus on fun and water confidence. We have designed a special lesson transition programme.

Will things be different at Swim Works?

Many things are still the same, but we know you will also be delighted with our adaptions to make your swim journey COVID-Safe and extra special. 

The health and safety of our swimmers and team will always be our highest priority. We have written new risk assessments in line with the Government’s guidance and Swim Works safe operating procedures. 

We look forward to sharing our adapted safe practices over the next few weeks

Our new measures include hand sterilising stations, increased hygiene and cleaning routines, physical distancing with our special bubbles and pods safe swim systems. 

As our new world changes, we will adapt to keep all our swim families learning to swim safely.

Also, at the same time, we haven’t forgotten about your children’s emotional needs too. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our transition social stories, videos, fun welcome packs and you will love our new COVID-Safe child-friendly graphics.

We are looking forward to getting Swim Works back to full operation again, in order to support you, our swim families and our community. 
We hope to see you all very soon but until then please stay safe.
Christian and Jo
Founders of Swim Works