Covid-19 Update

At Swim Works, we tried our best, to keep calm and open.

We are tackling a health crisis – together.

With so much conflicting advice, here at Swim Works, we are following Public Health England and our National Governing Bodies.

The time came on Wednesday 18th March to CLOSE our doors.

To contain the virus, to protect ourselves, swimmers and our staff.

This has been the most difficult decision ever!

Swim Works isn’t just a job, it’s our dream.

We built Swim Works for you, our community.

Something good will come out of this – I am sure.

Compassion, kindness, love and support for our fellow neighbour.

Looking out for each other.

At this present time, my heart goes out to our swim families.

Stay safe everyone!

Here at Swim Works, we proudly employ over 30 staff members, at the present time. We have to consider the livelihoods of all our team. Insurance does not cover situations like this.

Closing now means we have more chance of future success.

Let’s continue to look out for each other.

Keep being positive and using the best words of positivity to everyone, especially our children.

Send out words of support to your friends, neighbours to the local businesses and services you use. We all need to hear this, in times of need.

Here at Swim Works we have received the most wonderful words of support and would like to thank you… swimming means so much to many families it’s not just about learning to swim there are also … together times, fitness and well-being times.

We need your support, now more than ever.  We will do our very best to get Swim Works up and running again. At the present time, we don’t know what exact date this will be. But one thing is for sure, you have our promise we will do our very best and will put in an action a re-launch plan, so all our swimmers can benefit.

We have so many ideas and intentions like ‘free’ roll on lessons, discounts and incentives, as soon as we know the timeline, we can start to plan.

On behalf of the whole team who are missing their swimmers terribly, we send well wishes and love to you all. Stay safe, stay well (stay sane) and we cannot wait to see you all again as soon as possible – virtually for now though!

Thank you for your understanding, your support, your kindness.

We are here … as always … every splash of the way!