Aqua Sensory at Swim Works

There aren’t many swim schools that can say they have written their very own aquatic pedagogy and one that is now recognised internationally. At Swim Works, we understand that no two children learn the same, so we tailor our classes and take an individual and inclusive approach to swimming.

We are very proud of our Aqua Sensory ® ethos here at Swim Works.

Our Aqua Sensory ethos runs across everything we do!

We wrote our Aqua Sensory child development programme, way back in 2013, in response to our changing world. 

Our world becoming busier.

Changes in the way our children were; playing, moving and connecting.

Our children’s learning styles changing.

We started to see new sensory sensitivities.

We became more aware of our changing world, so we adapted our teaching methods, we wrote a new programme, we trained our teachers. 

At Swim Works – we Try-Test-Tune new swim approaches and new swim resources through our Aqua Sensory research. We are continually adapting as our world continually changes.

What is the difference between Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme?

Aqua Sensory combines early learning and developmental opportunities in the water. Sessions are run by our highly trained team of early years experts and are written by a qualified Occupational Therapist. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience of working with children with additional physical and learning needs. Aqua Sensory is focused on supporting both development and sensory integration. 

Aqua Sensory classes have so many benefits

Our Aqua Sensory programme supports ALL children and ALL their developmental needs; emotional, social and physical. Balancing both external and internal senses to enhance sensory integration and developmental skills like; balance, coordination, taking turns, making friends and taking risks.

Aqua Sensory provides a firm foundation to early years learning, in the best multi-sensory, natural environment possible- water! 

Aqua Sensory is much more than a programme to
learn to swim

Aqua Sensory is great fun for everyone! For Babies 6 months, toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 3 and 4 years. A mixed-aged class means siblings and friends can swim together to benefit from water confidence and developmental, sensory fun.

Running both Aqua Sensory and a learn to swim programme provides our swim families with the opportunity to swim twice if they wish and see double the benefits.

During a typical Aqua Sensory class, we will take you and your child on an adventure, providing sensory stimulation through music, stories, songs, water massage and adventure play. Our themes ignite our children’s imagination in the pool, as we “Go on a Bear Hunt” we create a “Teddy Bear Picnic” “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Clap, Pat and Tap!” to name a few. 

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We would love you to come so we can; Learn, Develop and Explore together!

Watch our video and join in the sensory fun!

Sensory smiles,

Sarah Coe, OT and Jo Wilson, Founder of Aqua Sensory.