There are so many benefits to Mermaid swimming – come and join in the fun!

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of being a Mermaid and which swimming teacher doesn’t! 

Mermaids are magical.

Mermaids live under the water.

Mermaids can flip and dive, float and spin.

Mermaiding is such a fun way to learn swim skills!

Being a Mermaid or Merman is a win-win!

Only a couple of weeks ago the Swimming Teachers Association launched the first qualification so our teachers could also become Mermaid Teachers.

The STA has partnered with Mermaids Swimming UK, to create this specialised new regulated qualification, to raise standards and drive best practice.

Of course, at Swim Works, we were one of the first swim schools to have undertaken the Mermaids swim courses as a CPD with Mermaids UK, so we were keen to continue and support them and take this new qualification.

Both Hayley and Louise, our fantastic Swim Works teachers, loved every moment! 

Swim Works will be running four Mermaid experiences in the Easter holidays 2021.

You can book via our booking system or call up – each experience costs £30 and includes full use of equipment. We have a maximum of six children per experience.

During the experience, each child will be able to experience the magic of being a mermaid or merman (as our experiences are popular with boys too). 

Swim test – safety first!

Children do have to be 6 years or over and be confident swimmers i.e. Level 3 at Swim Works. Our experiences are for children who can swim independently 25m or more, able to submerge their faces fully under the water and have the ability to kick with a dolphin leg kick. During every session, we carry out a swim test. Failure to pass the swim test will mean that not the full equipment of the skins and tails can be used.

Our experiences are OPEN to friends and families with children, so spreading the Mermazing ® fun! 

At the end of the session, we always allow a little time for our parents to take magical photos too.

There are so many benefits to Mermaiding and Monofin swimming.

The popularity of Disney’s Little Mermaid and the shops being full of mermaid memorabilia means that now dreams can become true in the pool at Swim Works.

We make our mermaid sessions so much fun!

But whilst having fun, your child is also learning and refining some serious swim skills too.

Mermaids and mermen – can swim faster

Have you ever used flippers? Our monofins are just like one big flipper. Allowing the fin to create propulsion through the water. 

Budding scuba diving families?

Your children will love our experiences as they will be learning underwater dive skills too.

Phew! What a workout!

Swimming with a tail underwater is a skill in itself. Having both legs in a monofin and using a dolphin leg kick challenges the body in new ways. Mermaid swimming is fun and intense on the core muscles. It’s a cardio workout on the arms and legs – a whole body workout in fact.

Improved co-ordination

Can you wiggle your hips, dolphin kick, wave your arms in front, put your faces in and pull in your core? These are just some of the co-ordination skills needed for mermaiding.


Mermaids and mermen work together to put on their skins, to play in the pool and to watch out for each other. As we learn new skills and progress, we can work in teams to create more complicated synchro swim moves.

Swim skills

Has your child ever reached a plateau at swimming? Mermaiding can provide swim skills breakthroughs. 

Motivate younger children

You have to be 6 years or older and a confident independent swimmer for mermaiding. But isn’t this the best motivator ever? To want to try and learn more in the pool, so they too can experience being a merman or mermaid?

Here at Swim Works, we are really excited to be offering our mermaid experiences.

We can’t wait to swim with you and create Mermazing memories together.