Swim Works Love Letters: Join Our Vision

We understand the power of water. We understand the power of words.

Have you ever written a letter or a little note to your child? One that they can look back on in the future? In 2020, we’re inviting you to send a message from the heart and join our Swim Letters Vision.

At Swim Works, the pool is the perfect place for togetherness, a place for reflection, a place to share emotions and make connections, with you, our parents, at the centre of it all. Every day, we hear the words you whisper to your little ones before and after their lessons, your encouragement and support. We want to bring those precious moments to life and present them to the world. We also want to support other swim families, as we know our parents are truly amazing and can offer so much love and support.

That’s why we want to collect and publish a selection of letters and words of encouragement from our swim parents, written to their child or children. Your words of wisdom can be about how they love swimming and how you would encourage them during difficult times. We want to encourage parents to take time out to reflect on what being together in the pool has come to mean for their family, what it means to you to see your child learning to swim.

I am sure you’ll agree, we all love receiving letters and hearing other parents’ words of wisdom can truly help us. We all can resonate that swim journeys can take time and are not always a straight line, but a little wavy like the ocean.

How to send us your letter

  • Email your letters, words of wisdom and encouragement to by 1/3/2020.
  • Address your letter to your child and don’t forget to sign off at the end
  • We’d also love any hand-written additions, so do drop your letters off at reception
  • In return, to say thank you, as we value your time to spread the joy and love of swim, the 10 most wondrous letters will receive a £10 voucher for Swim Works. Every submission will enter our prize draw to win a £50 Swim Works voucher.

Some ideas to think about when writing your letter

  • What you would say to your child about why you love those sacred hours bringing them swimming, being in the water with them or watching them by the side?
  • What do you see them get out of their time in the pool – learning new skills, growing their confidence, playing, being together?
  • What you would say to encourage them if they were feeling hesitant or frustrated about being in the water?
  • How will you look back on these moments in the water in the years to come?
  • How does being in the water together make you feel emotionally?

What happens next

This year for us is all about #togetherness and sharing. Your entries will be collected, collated and published to our swim community so we can support each other and share the love.

Thank you for being part of what we do. Any parents who swim with us already will know that a swimming lesson is never just about learning to swim, but so much more.

Splashy warm regards,

Jo x

Terms and conditions

By submitting your personal letter and details us as part of this project, you agree to have this information shared in current and future marketing and press materials, as well as stored by ourselves on our database(s). If you have any questions about how your information and data will be used, don’t hesitate to drop us a question at