When is the best time to start baby swimming?

It’s never too early to learn to swim. Being in water is our natural habitat as we’ve just come from the liquid environment of mommy’s womb.

Here at Swim Works, we start our special Newborn Splashers programme at 6 weeks. Our pools are the perfect warm temperature and we have fantastic family friendly changing facilities. A newborn baby’s skin is sensitive so we do recommend you stick to bath time before then. The NHS support early swimming too, you don’t need to wait for baby’s full immunisations. 

Water naturally supports skin to skin contact and facilitates the bonding process between parent and child. Water can feel welcoming and safe and helps babies feel comfortable in their new little bodies.

Your little one will be wriggling around the pool in no time. Our teachers are trained to support you support your baby in water. Classes are slow and very gentle, we guide you with our flowing movements and nurturing holds, to lullabies. 

There have been numerous studies about the ways swimming helps babies and toddlers develop mentally as well as emotionally. Movement in water helps build new brain synapses we wouldn’t on dry land.

By learning to be part of a group long before we go to school, baby swimming helps with transitions and skills acquired in a social setting. Swimming strengthens our emotional intelligence, our mental clarity and focus as well as our physical strength and mobility.

We’ve received feedback from so many parents saying “if we’d known we would have started earlier!” The benefits of swimming are visible at home as well as in school.

Many parents start baby swimming lessons because they themselves do not swim so they would like their child to learn to swim as young as possible.

Our water parenting approach means that you and your child can learn to be comfortable in water together. Our children learn through copying adults so the more comfortable we feel in water the more we are communicating it is safe to do so.

At Swim Works you are in the safe hands of caring and experienced professionals.